Santa Monica's Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica's Ferris Wheel

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Santa Monica's Ferris Wheel… Pacific Park claims that the Pacific Wheel is the world's only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

We are happy to offer contemporary images matched with 100 year old lettering that reflects on city’s epic history of being on of great destinations for the last 125 years.

Santa Monica’s world-renowned natural beauty – its wide beaches, swaying palms, and breathtaking sunsets are a big draw for visitors from all over the world. 

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From the Stephen Raul Anaya Collection, comes a rare and mostly unseen look at the Santa Monica Pleasure Pier and its surroundings from 1917. Images were pulled from a rare ‘Prospectus Book’, created by its then owner, Mr. Looff (master carver, crafted more than 40 carousels during his lifetime, including the first first carousel in 1876) hoping to sell shares in his Santa Monica “Pleasure Pier.

This image is from a study of Charles I. D. Looff’s 1917 prospectus book of his Santa Monica Pleasure Pier. When Jens Lucking and Michael Murphy seek these images that were photographed over 100 years ago the process becomes a means of connecting the viewer with a continuity of time and place, emancipating the viewer from a moment, unified in the journey of community all time past.